Monday, October 31, 2011


I have two couches and four decorative pillows. All of these items are hideous, but let's focus on the pillows for now- I hate them. They make me gag. I keep thinking maybe I'll re-cover them. Or that I'll buy new ones and then get rid of these junkers. I've looked online, in stores, even perused my personal fabric selection & patterns. (though I haven't sewn a stitch since kids) I've found multitudes of gorgeous pillows and come up with scores of lovely project ideas. But something has kept me from pulling the trigger- probably the ugly couches I don't want to attract attention to.

And now, I am so thankful for those eyesore couches. Because they helped me bide my time 'til today. When I'd finally wake up and ask myself... Why?

Why do I need two pillows for each couch? Or any number? We never use them. In fact, we have to move them if we want to actually SIT on the couch. Oftentimes they end up on the floor where they pick up cat hair and boy dirt before they're placed back on the couches by helpful little children. Then the couches AND the pillows need to be vacuumed and lint rolled. Have you seen what lint rollers cost? They're one of the world's most clever of ripoffs. 12 cents worth of masking tape on a stick. It is sooo eight dollar airport water outrageous and yet - we buy them! Personally, I buy the crap out of them. They are just so easy to use and do such an unmatchable job, and...

Sorry, back to pillows. Hubby and I always toss the pillows off the loveseat, and the boys tend to sit together on one side of the bigger couch, so 90% of the time they look like this:


Of course I do "arrange" them when people are coming over. Friends & family who will have to move them in order to sit down. Is it possible that people have come here and suffered needlessly with a big, hot pillow on their lap because they were too polite to set it on the floor? Sadly, I think it has happened.

Four pillows to the giveaway pile. Feels good.

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  1. oooh, i have bonded with some wonderful friends while THROWING things away. i love getting rid of things! :) happy pillow-less couch sitting!