Tuesday, October 18, 2011

19 Glasses

In my cupboard. In counting them I did not include kid cups, travel cups, coffee cups, wine glasses, margarita glasses, and whatever the heck other kinds are in there (and there are plenty more!) because I had to shut the cabinet door and walk away. I didn't check for dirties around the house or in the dishwasher either. Are we desperately thirsty or what?

We are a family of four. Our children use plastic cups because of their seemingly perma-greased with WD-40 little kid fingers. So really we have two people living here who actually USE glasses. We do entertain a few times per year. (when out come the Solo cups which I didn't count either)

How many do we actually need? This is my new question. In regard to all things, but I'm starting with glasses because I've got to start somewhere.

Today is day one of my home simplification experiment. For a year I'm going to try putting reasonable numbers on our stuff. From art supplies to zippers (Yes, I actually have a collection of zippers.) I'm going to give away or sell everything we don't need, and I'll attempt to maintain a running tally of the gains. The I really think we might need this later stuff will be packed away in dated boxes- to be opened & reconsidered in a year.

Before I go on I should tell you that I am the one-flower-in-a-bud-vase type. We're not all wired that way, and that is a good thing. My extremely talented sister, decorchick, and I are clearly from different planets- but we love each other. This is not a guilt blog. You are not a materialistic loser if you like, use, value, collect, decorate, create, etc... things.

But- if you enjoy simplicity, if stuff burdens you, if clutter overwhelms your soul and leaves you feeling depressed- you might find some relief here. Join me in my slow purge, and please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. How many glasses will you keep? I'm going with six.

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